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Born and raised in Belgium, Philippe moved to United States (Chicago) in 1982 to start a company with a partner that specialized in designing and building modular exhibits for conventions and trade shows. Philippe grew that business significantly, eventually selling the business to Dial Corporation.

Philippe’s love of wine then became his career with a move to Sonoma County where he became the VP of Sales and Marketing for a French company that is one of the largest cooperage (wine barrel) companies in the world.

In 2006 Philippe started his own company, Oak Tradition, representing the very top producers of oak barrels, oak alternatives, corks, screw cap and other manufacturers of winemaking solutions.  He grew the company considerably over the last 10 years, ultimately culminating in the recent sale of his business.

Philippe brings to Metis many years of experience and outstanding relationships working with owners and senior managers of wine companies throughout the United States and France as well as practical experience of the M&A process.

Philippe lives in Walla Walla with his wife Penny, a ceramic artist, and their two dogs Charlie and Louis.  They have two grown sons.  Philippe enjoys home-made dinners with friends, traveling to Europe, and playing the French game of Petanque!

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