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A native of Portland, Vic has spent his career building, operating, and investing in middle market Pacific Northwest businesses.  He has held senior leadership and Board positions in consumer and industrial products firms ranging from early stage start-ups to divisions/subsidiaries of Fortune 500 corporations.  Since 2003, Vic has been a Partner in Riverlake Partners, a private equity investment firm providing growth capital and strategic advisory services to small and medium sized businesses.  Vic’s background as both an operator and investor enable him to appreciate the challenges and see the opportunities in front of business owners and leaders as they strive to develop and execute their strategic plans and transactions. 

Early in his career, Vic held several corporate positions in Finance and M&A Analysis while working at Omark Industries and US Bancorp.  He then went on to Precision Interconnect, Inc., where he led a strategic and operational transformation that resulted in a ten-fold revenue increase over a ten-year period.  In addition, Vic has led investments and held Board positions with several Pacific Northwest-based companies, including Modo, Inc., Gamblin Artists Colors, Co., Pinnacle Exhibits, Inc., SemiTorr, Inc., and RPI, Inc.

Vic graduated from Stanford University with an AB in Economics and received his MBA from Harvard Business School.  He lives in Portland, where he enjoys the local restaurant and wine scene, as well as the many cultural and active lifestyle opportunities the city offers.  Vic is an avid wine collector and enjoys traveling, particularly to great wine regions.  He also enjoys golf and fitness conditioning.

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