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The Woodrow’s Wine Building, a modern 5,000 square foot, fully equipped winemaking facility in downtown Carlton, Oregon, the home to the Craft Wine Company, producers of the Omero, Minimus and Origin brands.


While intending to continue the brands, the owners were interested in divesting the facility and equipment to transition to an “asset light” business model and reached out to METIS to explore such a sale. The challenge was finding a Buyer specifically seeking a fully equipped turn-key winery in an in-town location but without brand or vineyard assets. A second challenge was timing; the Sellers were seeking a pre-harvest transaction.


Through its extensive connectivity in the Oregon Wine Industry, METIS was aware of a short list of parties seeking production facilities of this size and upon receiving the assignment, began reaching out to this focused list of prospects, one of whom visited the property on the day it went to market.


Ultimately, that first potential Buyer with whom METIS engaged, made a preemptive offer that satisfied both party’s goals and objectives and a Letter of Intent was executed within a week. After appropriate Due Diligence, the transaction closed less than four months from the beginning of the engagement.  METIS also assisted the seller in finding and obtaining a new location to relocate their Tasting Room and re-home their brands.

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