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A Tale of Two Industries

The current state of Washington Wine is tale of two industries. One thriving, one in decline. The path forward for growth will be leaning into the space between.

Let’s drop the narrative that Washington wine is struggling. Sure, some of the Big winery struggles tell a statistically somber story, but they are outnumbers by the hundreds of small and medium winery success stories. Wineries in aggregate are doing mich better than the state is on “average”.

The future of growth in Washington, fortunately, lies where Washington is uniquely most capable of competing. The $15-$30 segments are showing the most growth in the US. Most of Washington’s struggles are below these prices. Most of Washington’s current successes are at or above these prices. Washington is structurally and viticulturally more capable of profitiably producing outstanding quality wines between $15 and $30 than anywhere in the country.

If Washington is to collectively return to growth it will be driven by those who are willing to produce the volumes and do the work to take share in the national market in the segments that are healthy and growing. Truly, there is no place better positioned to do so.


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